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Yes. We're a software house

Consistently unlocking the potential of technology and business through the discovery of innovative, hand-tailored solutions that bring joy and excitement to its end users, our partners and us.

What we do?

What we’ve always wanted to - technology and business, making sure at all times that one never goes without another.

Competencies of our team members combined allow us to build full Internet of Things solutions in-house. That given we’re entirely independent, making our own choices and our own mistakes.

We do what’s best for our partners and us!

Mobile Applications
Embedded Systems
Electronic Devices
Backend Solutions
Business Development
Experience Design

Who we are?

rndity; is a brand new organization with pretty strong foundations. Most of our team members have been working together for over 10 years!

During this time we were all learning and gaining new experiences which now allowed us for a fresh start with all the knowledge we need to operate the way we always wanted to.

who we are?

Who we work with?

Throughout the years of our professional and private lives, we’ve established enough relations to let start as if we were in business for decades.

We believe that the key to great cooperation is a genuine partnership in business. We not only fulfill tasks given by our clients. When needed we invest our time, money and expertise to help our partners evolve and let us grow along.

Let us meet you
and let’s work together!


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RnD Labs

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Bartek Świercz

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Ola Rosińska

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